Fashion: Summer green

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 / by

A look inspired by recent hot summer days. I can't dress my avatar warm when it's so hot in RL :)

Fashion: Summer green

Outfit details:
  • Top: Last Call (Luciana / in Verdant, do not wear the skirtbase with this outfit)
  • Leggings: Camie Cooper (Lace Trimmed Leggings / in Cream, tinted black)
  • Earrings: Earthtones (Retro Rounds / in Black/Gold)
  • Necklace: Chicoco (Red Plastic Ring Necklace)
  • Bracelet: U&R (FREE Necklace and bracelet)
  • Shoes: Aphrodite Creations (Sasy Chic / in d'Or)
PS. I changed my avatar's skin ^^

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  1. I admire your style! I miss the bottle of water here though. It's faboulous!

    And yeah, I've notticed you did change your skin. EVENTUALLY.

    Morrigan Polanski SIGHS. ;)

  2. Thank you ^^ Haha, changing the skin was a tough decision :P Well, you know that :P

    The bottle of water I always have with me when it's so hot - I've only put it away for the photo ;)