When avatars live a life of their own

Monday, August 18, 2008 / by

Aaaah, so yesterday my avatar stopped listening to me. She was partying without me (I know that, cause people saw me online) while I was struggling to login. I was going to ask you that if you came across me in-world those days, tell me to come home, cause I missed myself ;) But it turned out she only did that because she wanted me to study for my driving licence exam ;)

Finally with friends - Morri, Uzi, Linc and me

PS. No, I wasn't online constantly for the last 24 hours. That was her ;) And I wasn't ignoring you when you IMed, I just wasn't in control of my avatar for a while ;) Luckily, it's OK now.

PPS. Linden Support rules. <3 Thank you Francesca, Eilyn, Lotte and everyone who worked on this issue.

PPPS. Yes, I passed the theoretical internal exam and I'm going to actually start learning to drive! Ha! :)

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